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Черное вечернее платье с объёмными рукавами
Черное вечернее платье с объёмными рукавами

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    Women's brand wholesale clothing

    Белое вечернее платье с объёмными рукавами
    Черное вечернее платье с объёмными рукавами
    Белое вечернее платье с объёмными рукавами
    Evening Collection by CAPPONI COLLECTION 2022
    Colours: white,red,black,lavander,green,beige..
    Size: XS; S; M; L; XL
    Made with: thick bandage knitted fabric
    Material: Cotton, Viscose,Polyester/div>

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    screenshot 3Perfect item for clothing shops and showroom

    screenshot 3Dress is suitable for online shop and Instagram

    screenshot 3High profitability for retail from 85 %

    screenshot 3Wholesale price for orders above 50 000 rub

    screenshot 3Additional discount above 100 000 rub

    screenshot 3Contract delivery and public offer sales

    screenshot 3Shipping by any convenient way : express delivery,shipping. post, courier’s delivery

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      If your business involves the wholesale of branded women’s clothing , then the online shop is just for you! Our company sews in-demand items to make clients look stylish and unique. Here you will find not expensive women’s clothing at wholesale prices, which combines all the requirements to create a unique image and will never be stale on the shelves or in stock.

      Product range

      The product range includes a large number of models for office, casual and sophisticated evening wear:

      • suits;
      • dresses;
      • trousers;
      • longsleeves.

      By combining favourite items , customers can surprise others on a daily basis. The women wearing our clothes keep up with global trends, without forgetting their individuality at the same time. The modern materials (viscose, cotton, polyester, spandex, elastane), which we use in a smart combination, help not only look elegant, but also feel comfortable and cosy. Jewellery perfectly complements business and casual images.


      We operate under a franchise. Our elaborate strategy ensures the use of proven business methods, success, promotion of goods in Instagram, sales on marketplaces and trading platforms Ozon, Wildberries, Yandex. Market.

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