Long Sleeves

    Long Sleeve is clothes, combining elements of T-shirt and sweatshirt. This trendy element of clothes can be loose as well as skintight. Shortened long sleeves and skintight T-shirts with unique necklines are the trend of this year.

    Distinctive feature of this clothes is light fabric which makes it suitable for warm and cold seasons of the year as well. When it’s warm long sleeve can be a separate part of image, when it’s cold – the additional warm clothes.

    Teen fashion trend’s returned long sleeve to sharp dresser’s clothes. Gosha Rubchinskiy uses oversize models – colourful printed long sleeves, as well as their shortened options, complimenting with low-rise cargo jeans. Designers inspire to experiment and make clothes, that were popular almost 15 years ago, come back in that way.

    How to wear long sleeves?

    The cropped monochrome models look great with jeans or low-rise trousers, which is one of the latest fashion trends. They can also be combined with leggings or loose-fitting knit trousers. The result is a sporty look that’s perfect for both jogging and walking.

    Oversize longsleeves paired with wide jeans will create a casual stylish look, which will combine the relevance of the latest trends with comfort. A girl can choose the footwear she prefers. To the bow will suit as trainers on a flat sole, and strict boots on a massive platform.

    A standard length T-shirt will create a basic image, which can be complemented by skinnies and jeans, classic trousers and mini-skirts. This model is suitable for combinations suitable for work outings, evening outings and even the gym.

    Where to purchase long sleeve?

    You can purchase women’s long sleeve in our online shop. The catalogue varies trendy models different sizes.
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