Jewellery gives a special highlight to the image. Stylish outfit consists of details and every detail has its own meaning. Especially accessories. That’s why every sharp dresser has to know what jewellery is trendy this season.

    What to choose?

    Jewellery perfectly compliments business and casual images. Supplemented with evening gowns, classical suits are good elegant items, decorating with stones, pearls, chains and pendants. With basic images consisting of classical jeans and white T-shirts are good chains, hoop earrings, pendants, chokers. Massive necklace and earrings are well matched with summer dresses. They can be with colouful stones and unique shape elements.

    Fashion experts point that maximalism is on trend this season: massive chains, long and large earrings, to sum it up a lot of jewellery. Pendant earrings make face thinner and emphasize neck slenderness. Massive items will be the key elements making image catchy.

    Where to purchase accessories?

    You can purchase stylish accessories in CAPPONI COLLECTION shop.
    We offer a wide range of modern accessories in our shop. These elegant items, made with special alloy, like precious metals do not cause allergy and do not lose attactive view over time
    Catalogue presents models

    • with stones
    • with pearls
    • with English lock
    • with crystals
    • with pendants
    • cuffs

    Branded women’s accessories in our shop are often available at great discounts. This makes them available to every woman wishing to emphasise her refined taste. It’s worth mentioning that not only jewellery, but also clothing is included in the discount section. Therefore, with our help, any woman can create a stylish wardrobe. It is easy and inexpensive.
    CAPPONI COLLECTION is constantly expanding its range of inexpensive, but high-quality products. Here you will find the latest models of clothing and stylish jewellery options.

    Orders are delivered both in Moscow and the Moscow region, but also throughout Russia. You can choose a convenient method of delivery (courier, post office or drop-off point) and payment (by e-card at the time of ordering, cash upon receipt or by e-card upon receipt).

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