Mustard summer business slim fit jacket

The women’s fitted jacket is an undeniable classic. It is a fashionable, practical and always up-to-date piece of clothing. A fitted jacket can work wonders on a woman’s figure, emphasising curves and giving gracefulness. Under it should be worn tapered trousers, close-fitting blouses and shirts. Perfectly looks in duet with pencil skirt and trousers as well as with jeans in casual style. This fitted jacket is suitable for office, for a holiday, for a party and just for every day. Slightly austere and very feminine classic jacket will transform any girl or woman, thanks to its ideal fit. You can match the jacket with trousers by CAPPONI COLLECTION

Women’s slim fit jacket is an indisputable classic. It’s a trendy, practical and always up-to-date item of clothing. Slim fit jacket is capable to do magic with women’s figure, emphasizing curves and attaching elegance. Narrowed trousers, slim blouses, T-shirts are best suited for it. Perfect looks in duet with pencil skirt and trousers as well as with casual jeans. It’s suitable for office, holiday, party and for everyday life. Slightly strict and maximum effeminate this classic jacket transforms any girl or woman thanks to its perfect fit. You can match the jacket with CAPPONI COLLECTION trousers.


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